Scanner Platform

Spectral Engines provides fully wavelength and temperature calibrated spectrometers including light sources (NIRONE Sensors), and for customers wanting to private label a solution and move to market quickly, the NIRONE Scanner platform provides the complete instrumentation, communication methods, cloud platform, reference library creation and algorithm implementation.

The NIRONE Scanner platform is a turnkey material detection solution that enables the development of new innovative material detection applications. Our solution significantly accelerates the market entry of customer-specific material sensor solutions. The NIRONE Scanner platform includes a miniaturized material scanner equipped with next-generation NIR technology, a user-friendly mobile app, cloud connectivity and advanced algorithms.

An essential component is an intelligent cloud for rapid data collection and analysis. The platform is scalable to thousands of sensors and our turnkey solution enables rapid time-to-market and avoids initial investment. Our award-winning technology and dedicated team of experts help customers take their material sensing product to the next level every step of the way.

The NIRONE Scanner platform includes: