LabScanner Plus

LabScanner Plus® is a compact and versatile material measurement and identification system specifically designed for automatic, fast, accurate and reliable acquisition of a high number of reference data.

At the heart of this solution are near-infrared spectral sensors that have a proven track record in obtaining highly accurate measurement data under laboratory conditions – but in the case of the NIRONE sensors, in a miniaturized, robust and cost-effective way.

The specimen are fed into the device, separated, weighed, accurately positioned and measured by eight near-infrared spectral sensors. Each tablet is irradiated once and its unique pattern (spectrum) is recorded. All measurement data is available in JCAMP-DX, CSV, TSV or LIMS file for export to an offline system. In addition, a batch report can be generated in PDF format.

The LabScanner Plus® is a part of the Spectral Engines Platform: a turnkey solution that enables the rapid development of new innovative material detection applications. It provides complete instrumentation, communication methods, cloud platform, reference library creation and algorithm implementation.

The development of this solution is the culmination of a successful partnership between two experts in their field: Kraemer Elektronik GmbH, the specialist for measurement and testing technology of tablets (bulk solids), and Spectral Engines GmbH, the developer of cloud & IT solutions in combination with MEMS-based spectroscopy systems.




    • Fast measuring time
    • No preparation of the samples
    • Savings on shipping and external lab analysis costs



    • No alteration or destruction of the samples
    • Automatic and precise positioning of specimens
    • Continuous monitoring of the samples
    • Particularly accurate spectrum recording due to darkening



    • Development of a globally accessible reference database due to the NIRONE Scanner Platform for on-spot testing
    • Process/Quality control
    • Production variation



    • Protection of recipes (Composition is not read out)
    • By big data and digitalization


Separation of tablets in the LabScanner Plus®

The LabScanner Plus® is particularly suitable for the automatic, fast, accurate and reliable acquisition of a large amount of reference data. With the new separation solution, all tablet shapes up to 25 mm can now be analyzed and weighed.

Identification by NIR-spectroscopy
Ports of the LabScanner Plus®, back side

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